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57 Interesting Activities to Do at 18 that Show Off Your Independence

Finally, you are officially an adult! There are endless possibilities ahead of you. But what exactly are they? What can you do now that you are 18? That is why Motivated with Mindset created this list so you can do what was never possible before. At 18, might as well enjoy life and try some things on the list…or maybe you are just curious what can an 18 year old do that is so different from someone who is a year younger.

  1. Buy a lottery ticket
  2. Get married
  3. Join the military
  4. Vote
  5. Open up your own bank account
  6. Bring a child to Chuck E Cheese
  7. Get a credit card
  8. Foster dogs
  9. Adopt a child
  10. Go to a comedy club
  11. Gamble at an Indian casino
  12. Get a passport that lasts for 10 years
  13. Buy fireworks
  14. Buy a lighter
  15. Enter into a contract
  16. Go to Dave and Busters by yourself
  17. Work over 40 hours a week
  18. Go to Jail
  19. Be a coal miner
  20. Buy a goldfish
  21. Go to a shooting range
  22. Rent an apartment
  23. Buy a house
  24. Operate a forklift for work
  25. Reserve you own campsite
  26. Invest in the stock market
  27. Take online surveys (like swagbucks)
  28. Use paypal
  29. Buy a gun
  30. Drop out of school
  31. Go hang gliding
  32. Rent a hot-air balloon
  33. Purchase a play boy subcription
  34. Go Ax throwing
  35. Work in a warehouse
  36. Bungee jumping
  37. Volunteer at a cat or dog shelter
  38. Take a college class
  39. Book a holiday package
  40. Parachuting
  41. Become an Uber driver
  42. Fight forest fires for work
  43. Start your own business
  44. Receive your credit report
  45. Open up a 401k
  46. Be a teacher
  47. Register for a college class
  48. Bake professionally
  49. Reserve your own hotel room
  50. Start improving our credit score
  51. Do goat yoga session
  52. Move out
  53. Work in construction
  54. Get a Lyft
  55. Work as a cook
  56. Airbnb your house
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