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Overcome Failure With These 62 Affirmations

We all struggle with failure. Whether it is being rejected by the girl you love, missing that big promotion, or bombing that exam, you can get through it. You can and will be stronger. Remind yourself that you do matter, and that this 1 event does not dictate your future or your present. This setback is causing you pain now, but it does not ruin you. You are still have the same courage and intelligence as before. You are still worthy of appreciation and support. You can choose to dry up those tears or release that anxiety. Restore faith in yourself by saying these 150 sentences out load.

I choose my own destiny

I am strong and I can get through this

I am not defined by 1 event

My past is not a reflection of my future

I can persevere through setbacks

I was unlucky. Now, I have the good habits and systems to defend against bad luck

I had a crappy day. I have a wonderful life ahead

I failed so others wouldn’t feel so insecure about themselves

My mistakes make me grow

I forgive myself

I am worthy of love and affection

I am cared for and supported

I am more than a job title or status symbol

Even when situations and people have not been kind to me, I can still be kind to others.

When I fall, I get up and run harder

I am in charge of my future,

I choose to overcome my setbacks

I watch negative thoughts in my head come and go like passing clouds until they disappear.

These negative emotions don’t have power over me.

I will succeed

The judgement of others is irrelevant to me as it only harms them

I am capable

I am a leader who shows courage especially when things don’t go my way

I believe in myself

So what? I’m still amazing

The sadness that weighed on me is now lighter than a feather as it floats away

I am still the same person as I was before

Jobs, Money, People, Grades, none of those define ME

I am blessed with the opportunities that have been and will be given to me

I choose to be calm. I choose to let go

I am certain this doesn’t change who I am or what I can achieve

Nobody cares about my failures, so why should I?

I am committed to my happiness and my continual improvement.

I won’t let anything get in my way

I am comfortable with what I do, and don’t care what the results are

I am optimistic about my future

I am genuinely glad to have put myself out there, and tried to make something of myself.

I am proud of myself. I’ve made it farther than most other people

I will dazzle the world with my smiles and my positivity

I am dedicated to my self-improvement not others

There is nothing to fear. I’ve been given a different pathway to reach my final goal

33.Events don’t change my habits. I’m dedicated and hard working, and that will bring abundance into my life

I had the grit. I had the intelligence. Now, I have the backstory. Success is mine for the taking

I am full of enthusiasm about the next project ahead of me

Its easy to follow the crowd and be accepted. It takes true courage and grit to rise back up after being defeated. Luckily, I have both

I am in complete control of my life

Only my decision dictate how I feel.

I decide to enjoy life

I look and feel glamorous

I am #flawless

Letting go of my past is effortless

I can still reach my goals with ease

My life is an epic quest. I had to slay a few dragons eventually.

I excel in areas that truly matter to me

I am excited by intelligent risk, failure is just one of its side-effects

I am free to choose my own path

There is infinite opportunity that lies ahead of me

I have no regrets

I can inspire others with my determination and my ability to bounce back after challenges

There is so much joy in my life because I choose to find it

I am empowered with the knowledge that will push me forward into a newer and better version of my life.

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