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9 best money making apps you can start in seconds

If you are looking to make a bit of extra cash, then these apps are for you. As completely free ways to make easy, quick cash, you can join right now. #1 is the most lucrative $$$$.


This app makes the most money on average out of all the apps. Sign up here to join. You have the widest range of activities to choose from. This can be from watching videos, to reading the news, to playing games, to surveys, to shopping to sign ups. The daily polls are probably the most fun where you just answer random questions about things you have done or opinions you have.


Looking to make money passively while listening to your favorite music? Then, this is the right app for you. It is a radio station that works better and has less ads than Pandora. Even if you aren’t looking to make extra cash, this is just a great radio station in general. My #1 favorite app right here. I love this app so much that I will even put a link right here for you to JOIN. It even gives you a bonus for using the link, which means more money! Once you sign up you can start earning points for every song you hear. Just make sure to have your sound on, your WiFi working and check back on the app regularly(at least every half hour), otherwise you won’t be able to receive points. Expect to receive an average of 3 points per songs. The points range from around 0.01 to 10 per song, and its pretty random, so don’t fret if one minute you have 8 points and the other just .5, it averages out. The music lovers can expect $600 per year just by listening, but if you are looking to make more or don’t want to spend all that time jamming out then they have surveys and games that you can make money on faster and with larger payouts.

Survey Monkey

This one is great because you can earn money to donate to charities. You can do good for the community without leaving the comfort of your own home.


You get about 10 cents per day with S’mores. This one is pretty passive as you are just opening and closing your screen, and getting a bit of extra income from that. Personally, apps with more variable payouts and game-like content are more fun for me. Yet, I don’t think you can find an app that is as simple as this.

Inbox Dollars.

This app is really easy to get started making money with, but trickles off. It will definitely take you months to reach the minimum payout of 30 dollars, and I was never able to do it. All in all, not my favorite money maker, but the game play was fun.

Play spot

This one has massive payouts that are actually attainable to achieve. The minimum payout 4x the size of most of the other apps with only twice as much work. That is a pretty good deal. This app can be a bit frustrating if you don’t know how to navigate properly. Avoid the games and ads on the site as those only have meager payment opportunities. The real money comes from the pay wall( around 30 cents to 25 dollars each complex task you complete. The 5-15 dollar pay out tasks are actually do able not some scammy-never going to achieve type of achievements.) Also, even though they have a pay out on pay pal button, this app only gets you gift cards that you can sell online.

Mist Play

This one pays out a lot faster than all the rest, but the payouts tend to be a smaller. The gaming also makes it more fun than surveys, but still complete the same function. Mist play has the best screen design/ themes so I really appreciate how aesthetic the app is. The also have a live chat community. This is good if you are already a mobile game player. If you don’t like mobile games then obviously this isn’t for you

App Station

It is pretty much the exact same thing as Mist Play, but with different mobile games available. The fox is really cute for the logo. The set up is quite simple and straight forward, and the payout is pretty on par with Mist Play’s. You can really choose between either of the two apps and there won’t be that much of a difference. I preferred Mist Play just because of their darker theme, and more games to choose from.


This app does legitimately pay you money. However, you have to be careful because this app is more of a scratch off game, you shouldn’t expect to win big off the games you play. Another thing that is bothersome is their “new user” can cash out $5 at 20000 points, but as soon as you reach 20000, the cash out become 30000. It stays at 30000, and you can still receive your money. This probably is the most ad-filled app out of all.


This is a great concept: you get paid for exercising and walking. It is a great motivational tool if you aren’t drinking enough water each day or trying to motivate yourself to improve your cardio vascular heath. The problem is the pay out is not very much on this one. It will take you months to reach your $5. The low payout is because this app doesn’t have any ads which is a huge plus. The design and appearance looks so clean and organized.

How do these apps make money if they are paying me? Through advertising with either gaming partners or other ad partners
How long does it normally take to cash out? Dependent upon how much time you spend on the app, If you are dedicating a significant chunk of your time to these apps then a few days. However if you are only doing a few minutes here and there and infrequently, then a few months.
Are these apps legit? Yep! They really do pay out, and all of them have around 4 stars or highers. The
How easy is it to use? These apps are so easy to use its almost laughable. With apps like S’mores and Current you just have to login and rake in that dough. Most of the other sites require you to play games or answer surveys which is not that difficult. Swag bucks also has one where they pay you to play quizzes.


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