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What planner type is for you + 6 FREE Planner Ideas and Templates

Looking to improve yourself this school year? Whether it is August 1st or the middle of February, it is never too late to change your study habits for the better. Here are some online planner ideas perfect for boosting your organization and productivity.

Planners are vital to your overall success, and accomplishing your goals. If you aren’t envisioning and creating steps to complete your goals, then you won’t ever accomplish what you want to do with your life. Outlining your week into manageable time segments will not only reduce the time you waste by trying to decide on what you should do next, but also organizes activities into manageable micro-tasks. Reducing the large, overwhelming project into smaller more do-able tasks reduces stress and boosts your confidence in your ability to progress through each obstacle.

When it comes to your planner, you want one most suited to you as a person and the best organizational system.

Artsy and heavily visual planners can boost your motivation to complete the task at hand. The visual appeal of the multi-colored and intricate designs/fonts will draw you into investing more time towards organizing your life.

Simple planners are super straightforward, and don’t require as much effort to create. This opens up the ability for you to get straight to the point and focus on more important matters without distractions. It is quick, it is efficient, and it aligns your desires into manageable actionable plan. Simple planners are for those who like to commit and get things done

Digital Planners are geared for people whose lives are on on the go. They neither have the storage space or the mental space to cart around a physical planner. They likely have one at home when there is time to sit down and contemplate your objectives in the week and life. However, right here, right now they need reminders on something equally as mobile as them – whether it is on their phone or on their laptop.

Professional planners appeal to those looking to advance their careers, improving their grades, grow their business, or show they mean business. Professional planners show that the owner’s time is precious and already crunched. Less sporadic than the artsy type of planner users, these individual want a clean, well kept way to manage their busy schedules. Time management is key. They can’t waste 4 hours scrolling through social media because work needs to be done. Midterms coming up, a big client wants the project finished in a month, or whatever is upcoming they need to be on top of it. They can’t afford to forget and a planner will help them keep track.

Your Weekly Planner Ideas for Students

Here are your free Weekly Planner Ideas from Motive With Mindset. Use them for inspiration for your creating your own planner or make them apart of your scheduling already. Remember to invest in yourself and your future with a digital physical planner we have some down below.

Thank you and scroll down to enjoy!

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Planner Templates for Students [download]

Here are your free Weekly Planner Ideas from Motive With Mindset. Use them for inspiration for your creating your own planner or make them apart of your scheduling already. Make sure to check out more success and improvement articles (or see PC version) to be on your A game for school and in life!

Thank you and scroll down to enjoy!
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If you enjoy more physical and year long planners, you are in luck. Motive With Mindset also provides the exact planners you are looking for right here. Simple in design which is great for the simple and professional planner users. But artsy planner users will love the blank space to create stunning visuals. ⬇️


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