10 Powerful Life Advice Statements

Plan ahead

You won’t accomplish your goals of you don’t have them, so make sure to have a plan for how they will be accomplished. Writing down everything you need to do in a well kept planner or schedule will remind you what to accomplish, and guide you on when to do it.

Stop excessively consuming media (TV, Netflix, Facebook, Tik-Tok, social media):

Consuming media is a passive activity that requires little to no conscious thinking on your part. When you aren’t thinking and aren’t doing anything you aren’t using the muscles in your brain or body. Without use, these muscles deteriorate and get weaker. You waste time and energy on something that provides zero value to your life and to your goals. Consuming media detracts from more productive uses of your time. Time you can spend on improving your art skills, starting your own business, learning how to code, gaining new friendships, learning how to enjoy life, making more money, spending with people you care about and a whole host of activities that actually align with your goals and happiness. 

Don’t blindly trust others to look out for your best interest.

Material possessions won’t make you happy.

Purchasing a big screen TV with the great HD quality, and going to fancy restaurants, might be exciting the first time you go to it. But the novelty wears off fast. The higher end restaurant becomes your new “normal”. Normal doesn’t satisfy anyone…its too neutral….too boring. So you spend even more money on more expensive restaurants and designer clothes and new phones and bigger houses. You will be discontent even with the 3000 dollar furniture and the shiny BMW and your 6000 square foot house because you want bigger and grander. You will constantly crave for more and more, and never content with what you have. You not satisfied your life because it “isn’t enough”, but you are now in lifelong debt to try to pay off your lavish lifestyle. Because you can’t afford what you are doing, you have to spend more time working. This means less time enjoying your expensive possessions and experiences because you have to dedicate more of your life to the same job that made you discontent in the first place. You become overly stressed whether you can pay the next bill and have to worry if the next layoff will ruin you.

Invest in yourself

Education doesn’t stop after college or high school. You should be constantly improving your skill set and furthering your education. The work doesn’t end after you get that big job. Being a constant learner allows you to adapt to the changing market, and be able to

Drugs aren’t worth it

The last thing you need on top of mounting pressures from everyday life is a crippling drug addiction that will send you in a downward spiral. Drugs an unnecessary expense squeezing your already tight budget, and smoking, heroine, cocaine, etc are detrimental to your health. Why give up 2 good aspects of your life- health and earning potential -for nothing. Drugs also have the negative social consequence of isolating you from family, potential partners, and coworkers when your addiction consumes your life. Drugs are a frivolous endevour that have little to no long-term upside. What is most frightening is the lack of control people have over their lives once they become addicted. Think about the Actors’ careers who tank after being drunk to work, the people who lose their homes after a addiction spiral, or the massive death toll from the opioid crisis in the US. Based on the overwhelming control drugs have over the addict, the short term pleasure is just not worth it. Look at the statistics – the average smoker takes an average of 32 times before they successfully quit and there are over 2 million members in alcoholics anonymous. Save your health and your time by focusing on more productive activities to do that can make you happier and wealthier like reading a book, choosing one of 549 hobbies, starting your own business, going to the movies with friends, etc.

Your time is precious. Don’t squander it

Money. Diamonds. Houses. Cars. There is an endless supply of these things. You can get these Yet there is one commodity you can’t get back once its gone – time

You know when big franchises do those free promotion? Free chicken, free ice cream, free smoothies…etc. Its great promotion as hundreds of people flock to get this free item. People will stand in these hour+ plus long lines to get this $3, maybe even $8 item, for “free”. For the franchise, its a great opportunity to get the name out there and have customers flocking to the door. However, those in line just wasted an hour, maybe even 2 hours, just to get this $8 item. These individuals valued their time at $4, maybe $8, not even including the transportation costs. The “free” item ends up costing those people the potential income they could have earned

“Free isn’t the

Take Responsibility for your actions

Make your health a priority 

Imagine winning the lottery. You go over to cash in that huge check, thinking about all the things you can do now that you have all this money. On the way to the bank, you die of a heart attack. All that unlimited potential – gone. The money you have doesn’t matter if you have no time to use it.

You will fail, it’s how you keep growing

There were always those kids who got straight As in high school and college, and you may even be one of them. However, passing every class without any mistakes – without willing to bounce back from failure – is a huge missed opportunity. To avoid failure like its the plague, is equivalent to never leaving house out of fear of tripping. Sure, failing may, and likely will happen, but you are missing out on an entire world of opportunity. You could have gone for a walk. You could have taken your dog out to the park. Maybe meet a new person, have a nice chat. That person even asks for your phone number. You go out on a date with that stranger, hit it off, and boom found the new love of your life. That is a bit of a hyperbole, but avoiding the possibility of failure is limiting your opportunities.

It makes sense to avoid failure. Failure often means shame and ridicule by your peers. Failure is embarrassing. We are taught it since grade school – don’t get an F. Don’t get the answer wrong. Don’t mess up because all your peers and authority figures are scrutinizing you. This mentality continues throughout adult life because it was ingrained since we were little. So out of fear, we stay in our safety areas. We go to college, work really hard to get perfect scores (no mistakes) then buy the perfect car and the perfect house with the perfect job and spouse. All lined up in the exact order without any defects or hiccups in the road. Yet living in the tiny, safety bubble is both unrealistic and limiting. RECESSION UNFUFILLED. ALWAYS WANT MORE.


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